Meet Our Flavor Personalities

Just like you or I, each of our flavors has it’s own personality, it’s own awesomeness... Regardless of who you are, or the mood you are in, we have a flavor for you. Our gourmet bites taste so delicious that you won’t believe they are actually good for you. Our fillings have no added sugar and are made with premium ingredients. Each bite is dipped in crisp, dark chocolate and finished with the perfect touch. You don’t want to miss these little creations… you may not even want to share them with your friends.

*seasonal flavors are only available for a limited time 

MATRI•DARK (dark chocolate) 
The matriarch is the queen of her tribe. Honor Her.
Sometimes a simple, creamy dark chocolate bite is all you need. 

SALT•RY (salted caramel)
A sultry woman unleashes her inner diva. Channel Her.
Our dark chocolate bite with a surprising ooey gooey, caramel center.

N•OAT•ORIOUS (chocolate oat) 

A notorious woman makes herself known. Don't Hate.
Jam-packed with some amazing goodness—an anytime guilty-free pleasure.

PASSION•NUT (peanut butter) 

A passionate woman is full of fire. Ignite Her.
A fan favorite, hands down. Share... or enjoy all on your own—we won't tell.

MOCHA•VATE (mocha) 

A motivated woman is badass. Join Her.
A strong and robust flavor making for a great afternoon treat or complement to your morning coffee.

LOCO•NUT (coconut)

'Cause all women should be a little crazy. Go Wild.
Chokful of coconut and flavors that will transport you to a hammock in the islands.


An empowered woman is unstoppable. Be Her.
This isn't the infamous Girl Scout cookie... it's better.

HOT•MESS (hot hot cocoa)*

No sugar coating here. Let Her Flail.
Loaded with the perfect blend of cacao and cinnamon, and a hint of heat for a distinct (but not extreme) finish—will leave you sizzling.

CHAI•D-N-TRUE (vanilla chai)*

A tried-n-true woman is proven reliable. Value Her.
A sweet and aromatic flavor sure to remind you of all the traditions and moments that warm your heart.

PECAN•DID (pumpkin pecan)* 

A candid woman needs no script. Let's Be Real.
A full blend of fall spices and flavors—loaded with pecan and pumpkin pieces.

CRISP•QUE (apple crisp)* 

A risque woman is liable to shock. Release Her.
An oat, cinnamon and apple crust surrounding an ooey gooey apple and caramel center. 

BERRY•SISTIBLE (raspberry)* 

An irresistible woman is too tempting to ignore. Discover Her.
A tart and sweet bite—it'll be love at first sight.

LIME•LY (key lime)* 

A lively woman is the life of the party. Invite Her.
The refreshing taste of this bite will remind you of the summer days a comin’.