Orendala - Collaborator with NaughtyGood Bites Chocolate

Meet Maria

Maria and I first met at a local cafe and 3 hours later we were still chatting like long lost friends, destined to reunite. Immediately, our first collaboration was in the works (a special blend of 100% pure NaughtyGood herbal tea, handcrafted by Maria herself), and we are at it again with a new NaughtyGood lotion bar to help you love the skin you are in.

As a grower and wildcrafter, Maria’s true inspiration comes every time she looks out the window or steps out the door… Mother Nature. She can be found listening to Indi-folk, electronic chill, classical, anything soothing and happy, or sometimes even old movie re-runs. Maria’s guilty pleasures are chocolate (including NaughtyGood’s “n-oat-orious” bite), ice cream, and something we all crave but rarely get... time to do absolutely nothing at all.

To find out more about Maria and her inspiring little business, visit her at