It Was Me. I Ate The Chocolate!

Lindsay Taylor - owner of NaughtyGood Bites Chocolate


What were you like growing up? Were you daddy's little girl or were you a tomboy? Were you a daredevil or were you a bystander? I was a little girl who played pranks with her dad and who chased her future husband on the playground. I was a cheerleader and a soccer player. I wanted to be a punk rocker and to attend the Air Force Academy in Colorado. My favorite movie was Annie and I loved a good night on the dance floor.

I grew up to become a graphic designer, owner of a design studio, and now a redeemed chocolatier. I am the proud mother of four, and wife to an amazing husband. My favorite music is 80’s rock and I still love to take over the dance floor. I laugh endlessly at fourth-grade humor and often find myself pushing the limits of what is acceptable.

Regardless of how we each grew up, or the women we have become today, we are all joined together as dreamers. Women dreaming of creating our most intentional lives, of making an impact, and of setting an example for the little girls to follow.

Here, at NaughtyGood, I strive to do just that. I dream of a room full of women who are empowering, celebrating, and honoring each other. I believe that greater things can happen if we continue to stand together, laugh together, cry together… and eat chocolate together!!!

Join me.

Endless Hope,
Lindsay Taylor


NaughtyGood offers a guilt-free, gourmet, chocolate bite made from whole ingredients and less added sugar. We prove that healthy doesn’t have to be limiting, and we dare to challenge the traditional view of sweet treats, while promoting a message that is bigger than a bite. A message of kindness and celebration, not intolerance and rivalry. Of lifting each other up, joining forces, raising the ceiling of self-worth… and the floor. We encourage you to mimic our bites by doing good and inspiring others. Define your naughty and be purposefully imperfect. Stop comparing and start honoring the NaughtyGood women in your life (and the men who support them)…