Storied Goods - Collaborator with NaughtyGood Bites Chocolate

Meet Martha

Martha is the owner of Storied Goods in Roanoke, Virginia. We stumbled upon her during an internet search and instantly knew she was someone we wanted to collaborate with. Her heart is genuine and her mission is simple… to provide hope in a complicated world.

Martha finds inspiration from her three daughters, who are tireless and fearless fighters for justice and love, and who teach her that even the little moments are worth celebrating!

Chris Cooper is her celebrity crush and the volume is always UP when Kasey Musgraves is on the radio. One of her favorite quotes is “we tell ourselves stories in order to live” from Joan Didion. 

The NaughtyGood Bite Martha most identifies with is “pecan-did, because she loves sharing very real stories with very real people… You can find out more about Martha and her sweet little business at