The Graceful Rabbit - Collaborator with NaughtyGood Bites Chocolate

Meet Belinda

Belinda’s desire to have her own business with the love of skincare and beautiful products is how “The Graceful Rabbit” was born. Our collaboration was built on a mutual desire to offer you an opportunity to treat yourself, and to escape the everyday.

Belinda is inspired by women who, despite their backgrounds and hardships, keep on persevering and never let their circumstances stop them. Her favorite quote is by Mary Davis, “be kind to yourself, the seeds we plant within are the harvest we have to give.”

The best advice Belinda has ever received is in order to get, you have to give—when you make contributions outside of yourself, you will be blessed. This advice has followed her both in life... and in business.

Belinda’s favorite NaughtyGood Bite, chai-d-n-ture (vanilla chai), signifies everything she stands for. Find out more about her and her business at