Defining 'Naughty'

January 01, 2019

Defining 'Naughty'

It’s no doubt that ‘naughty’ inspires different ideas in each of us. It could be disobedient, or it could be indecent. The NaughtyGood ‘naughty’ is about coloring outside the lines and challenging the norm. We focus on the ’naughty’ that makes you smirk, and gives you that devilish sparkle in your eye. We try to be fun, spontaneous, and driven; yet considerate, thoughtful, and encouraging. Our ‘naughty’ connects people by living for today and bringing laughter to the moment. Do you know a woman in your life who has defined her own ‘naughty’?

Is she passionate about life and full of fire?
Like each of our daughters who bring intense energy to everything they pursue. Cartwheels til they drop, monkey bars with already blistered hands, setting and crushing goals that most would consider unattainable, laughter so joyful it’s contagious, and love so pure it’s obvious. They know the value of putting themselves fully into what they enjoy, and inspire others to do the same. Love them.

Is she sultry and unleashes her inner diva?
Like a teacher in elementary school who had heels so clicky that you could hear her coming from across the school. Her powerful perfume and eccentric outfits left a lasting impression. She walked confidently with her head held high, knowing who she was and relishing in the chosen expression of herself. She allowed her inner diva to hit the surface for others to admire. Channel her.

Is she notorious and makes herself known?
Like that one friend growing up who had the ability to turn everything she touched to gold. Whether she was the first picked for the kickball team and won all the boys over with her sweet smile and flowing hair. Or she received every teacher’s pet award and continually scored highest honors with the greatest of ease. She was always the best version of herself. Yet she too had her own story to tell. Don’t hate.

Is she empowered and unstoppable?
Like the women who willingly surround you after a tragedy. They become your lifeline during one of the most trying times of your life. Each has their own tragedies and could have curled under their sheets and hidden from the world. But together, by sharing their stories and reaching out to others, they learned to laugh again and to bring sunshine back into their lives… and into others. Be them.

Is she motivated to be badass?
Like many women we all know who took the risky plunge into self-employment in order to carve out more flexible time with their families. Many left secure and lucrative jobs to start businesses that provide both themselves and their employees an opportunity for a better work/life balance. Their focus is in line with their dreams and they have each soared as a result. In true NaughtyGood fashion, they have found a way to have their ‘bites’ and eat them, too! Join them.

In our quest to lift each other up, join forces, raise the ceiling of self-worth… and the floor. We encourage you to mimic our bites by doing good and inspiring others. Define your naughty and be purposefully imperfect. Stop comparing and start honoring the NaughtyGood women in your life… real queen's fix each other’s crowns.


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