Parker Mountain Comfort Wraps - Collaborator with NaughtyGood Bites Chocolate

Meet Jess

Jess is local to our quaint little town and has one of the biggest hearts you will ever know. Together, we first worked to bring you a NaughtyGood inspired eye pillow, handmade by Jess, to encourage a deep sense of relaxation. And now, we are bringing you a NaughtyGood-inspired “heart of hope," to comfort and remind someone you are thinking of them.

Jess’ inspiration is her very own mama, who always reminded her that laughing, eating healthy, exercising, and loving fully are the true missions in life. While working and playing, Jess is usually bopping to the likes of Mandolin Rain, Simon & Garfunkel, Indigo Girls, Ray Lamontagne, and Jimmy Cliff.

As a mom of boys, Jess’ guilty pleasure is a secluded beach, good music, a book she can’t put down, and absolutely no one needing her... oh, and a “mocha-vate” bite to top it all off. 

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